There is no better time than NOW to target new and future business.

As the market transitions you need to find new and better ways to do this, by developing a strategy around the ‘expired’s’ and the ‘withdrawn’s’.

Use a market monitor to build your real estate market knowledge or look through portals such as Property Finder or Corelogic to identify any expired or withdrawn listings. First you need to have form of process or a system to target the expired listing.

How do you get the ‘expired or withdrawn’s’ attention?

Have you ever thought about stopping to think what is my strategy when making a call or are you just doing the call without taking the time to know your exact outcome and hoping you may get the result you are after?

What if I said you could probably increase and maximise your result, just by taking the time to strategically think about your 30 second Impact Message’.

Take the time before each phone call or door-knock to strategise your ‘30 second impact message’.

What is a ’30 Second Impact Message?’

It’s a brief message communicated in  between 30 seconds to 3 minutes, to grab the listener’s attention and hopefully give you the opportunity to build enough rapport to stay connected with the client or obtain additional time in the future.

Understand you are not closing a deal in 30 seconds. You are trying to introduce yourself in a classy, calm and elegant way that can add value to the prospect. You are supposed to intrigue the prospect enough that they will say; “So, you are saying there are 4 reasons why homes aren’t selling in Waverley today?" 

That is the job of the 30 second impact message - get your expired to ‘Stop and Think’ from your message!

3 Points to consider when creating an ‘Impact Message’.

  1. Have a strong case: What’s your point? You have to have a case that is compelling enough to give your prospect cause to listen. You want them to stop and think!

  2. Be creative: You want people to say; "Wow that sounds interesting, so there are 4 reasons why homes aren’t selling in my suburb?"

  3. Master Execution: Delivery must be strong and uniquely you and be as natural as possible.

Take the time before each phone call or door-knock to strategise your ‘30 second impact message’.

Your aim from the ’30 Second Impact Message’ is get your prospect to ‘STOP and THINK’!! It's a no-brainer. Go forth and list.

About Claudio Encina

Claudio Encina is a highly regarded Australian real estate coach, speaker, mentor and trainer. With more than 20 years industry experience, including almost a decade as a leading agent in Sydney, Claudio is driven by his passion for helping clients implement proven sales techniques, systems, strategies and skills to increase their productivity and profitability in all market conditions. Contact him via email or at

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