Setting yourself up for success in any industry is often faster and easier with some outside expertise. While larger real estate franchises may offer in-house training to their staff, there are now many independent coaches who can offer their experience and insights to your business.

Online or in person, there’s no limit to the training and advice available. The trick is knowing what you and your staff need. Many experienced agents have turned to coaching as a way of sharing what they’ve learned, and their services can help you hone your strengths, address any weaknesses and take your business to the next level.  

Another key advantage of coaching is that it gives you time away from the daily grind to reflect, clarify your goals, and identify what you need to do to reach them.

This learning time can lead to greater focus and more consistent performance and results once you get back into work mode. With a skilled and insightful coach, the time and money invested can pay great dividends.

A key advantage of coaching is it gives you time away from the daily grind to clarify your goals.

We’ve even seen recently rugby coaches moving into real estate coaching, with Rugby Union performance coach and former player Chris Malone taking on a new role helping real estate staff to improve their performance and drive efficiency and growth across the company. Drawing on the expertise of a football coach is certainly one approach (although it would be interesting to understand how he motivates individuals as well as teams), but there are many others.

What does a real estate coach do?

An experienced real estate coach will get to know you and your work before offering a tailored plan to help you grow as a real estate agent. Training options can be tailored to suit your budget and your team. Here’s what a good coach will do:

  • Clarify your goals

By looking at where you are at present and where you’d like to be, a coach will define specific goals to help you focus. Often, agents are so busy with the day to day that establishing a solid foundation is overlooked. Getting back to basics can be helpful, and talking to someone outside your business can give you the clarity and neutral feedback you need to grow.

  • Develop skill levels

A real estate coach will examine your skill set in detail and identify any areas where additional training might pay off and boost your confidence (and it’s all about confidence when it comes to getting listings).

  • Create a business plan

Formulating a long-term plan for your business is easy to overlook when you’re focusing on immediate tasks. Building and committing to a clear plan is hugely beneficial, as it provides you and your team with certainty and structure, and a benchmark so you can measure how far you’ve come.

  • Grow your personal profile

In today’s business work, building your personal profile as a real estate agent is key to building relationships with clients. Defining who you are and what sets you apart, and conveying this via your social media and online presence, is time well spent when it comes to attracting new business.

  • Define habits

A real estate coach will look at your work style and identify ways to build discipline, manage your time efficiently and strategically, and work on any challenges that are holding you back. This can also involve strengthening your mindset for success.

Different types of real estate coaching

Training can now often be held online; one such is Real Estate Gym, a course run by Australia’s real estate coaching leader, Tom Panos. This 90-day course offers guidance and step-by-step strategies to help you generate more listings and sales.

Whole team courses, such as Bold 90 by coach Caroline Bolderston, are held for a minimum of ten participants and run for 90 days, with optional one-on-one coaching and lots of mentoring and support. These are great for encouraging teamwork and ensuring that all staff members are on the same page.

Whatever style of training or coaching you choose, it’s sensible to start by researching what is best for your company, and within your budget and time constraints.

Have the freedom to choose your coach

Here at One Agency, we’re big believers in streamlining your work processes and your real estate business so you have time to enjoy life. Our model, which offers the cutting-edge marketing, collective clout and international branding of a larger agency with a set low monthly fee, is geared towards those who are looking for something a little different and want to have greater ownership over their work and their time.

A benefit of that freedom is greater choice. Our philosophy at One Agency is for members to retain most of their fees. This leaves money in their pockets to apply to training or coaching that is tailored just for them, not a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe that choosing your own training is one area that can really pay off in greater sales success and performance. In taking time out to set goals and focus on the big picture, your real estate career benefits from greater focus, supported by insights into your working style, your strengths, and areas that need more work.

Of course, it’s all about finding the coaching that’s right for you. Happily there are now some great choices out there, both online and in person, that you can draw upon to lift your real estate game. Good luck!

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