As a real estate principal, you’ve no doubt spent a great deal of time growing your business and its reputation within your local neighbourhood. However, with client expectations and real estate best-practices evolving at a rapid rate, has your current brand reached its sell-by date?  

When was the last time you reviewed your brand and marketing messages? Is it time to consider a brand refresh or even a complete overhaul?

Rebranding your real estate agency provides you with an excellent opportunity to clarify your values and purpose, raise your real estate profile and attract new business. It also gives you a chance to audit your marketing collateral and refine the messages used to attract prospective home sellers, buyers and property investors.

Three steps to determine if it’s time for a rebrand

First, revisit your enthusiasm

How proud are you of your current brand? Do you still feel excited about it? Does it convey who you are and your point of difference? If the overall picture you present seems old and tired to you that’s probably the same way you’re being perceived to the outside world, i.e. future prospects.

Surprisingly, as difficult and time consuming as a rebrand can be, it can be equally as motivating. Revisiting your purpose, messaging and design elements can bring a fresh perspective to you and energise your staff, reuniting your team toward a common direction.

Second, review the competition

Take a look around at your nearest (and dearest) real estate competitors. When did they last update their branding? Are there any new kids on the block, with a fresh appeal and a strong drive to succeed? Check out your rankings on real estate portals, have you fallen behind?

Third, can you retain top talent?

High performing real estate agents are an ambitious bunch and need to feel part of an agency that’s cutting edge and progressive. A rebrand gives your business renewed potential to attract top performers and retain and reinvigorate your high profile agents, dissuading them from venturing to your competition or out on their own.  

If you’ve been sitting on the fence wondering whether or not to rebrand, we have some useful indicators to help you decide if now’s the time

Rebranding is not that easy

While being essential to good business performance, a successful rebrand or refresh is multifaceted and can present many challenges.

Tackling all those templates

There are a lot more considerations than simply changing the look and feel of your property ads and brochures. Switch one brand element and you’ll find that it has a knock on effect to them all.

A full rebrand will require reevaluating what your brand stands for, your logo, colour scheme, and all marketing elements. It requires you to create an impactful presence across online and print media, not to mention shops, signage, flags, pointer boards, stationery and motor vehicles.

All up, completing an effective rebrand requires ten’s if not hundreds of creative templates to make sure all marketing bases are covered to fit the requirements of a myriad of advertising mediums.

Maintaining consistency

To maintain a strong brand, that’s consistent in look, feel and tone of voice you need to understand your market and target audience. Every touchpoint needs to convey the same message so that you become instantly recognisable and synonymous with great real estate results in your local area. Plus a big part of any rebrand is educating your team so they are on the same page and stand by the same principals.

Recouping rebranding costs

The drawback to rebranding is that it can be expensive and a time-consuming process that takes you away from important sales and client activities. A rebrand can be a complex project and involves multiple stakeholders, from brand experts and advertising specialists to graphic designers and copywriters.

Trying to keep up with the rest of the real estate industry can quickly become uneconomical, especially if you are running your real estate brand as a single office or small independent network.

Escaping the status quo

Then there’s the other side of the equation. If you’re part of a franchise group you have no choice or control over when your business is rebranded, and certainly no input into any new direction the brand takes.

You’ll be in one of two positions; either waiting helplessly for a rebrand feeling like your franchise group is being left behind or propelled headfirst into the exorbitant costs of a rebrand at head offices’ bequest, which could cause you financial strife and to reconsider your options.  

Simplify the rebranding process

The real estate industry is changing, new models are afoot and One Agency is one such network that offers you some middle ground between being your own boutique brand and part of a larger network.

Our model is simple. We license the One Agency brand to you on a low fixed monthly fee. You retain your commissions. There are no additional fees, so no surprises!

You skip the expense and wasted time branding and rebranding your real estate business again and again. We provide all the brand elements you need, which can incorporate your current identity, practically in a box, and you have the freedom to promote yourself and your agency in a way that suits you and your local market without losing any momentum.  

We give you complete control over your business, one that you can proudly call your own. If this sounds like a smarter solution to you, get in touch to find out more about the One Agency brand and operating model.

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